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Math for game development

25 Dec

For those who don’t know, you can read my new series on the mathematics used in game development at

Rather than giving you only code and a vague explanation, the series tries to explain the fundamentals behind it, making it easier to remember as well as really understand what is happening.

It tries to teach you to fish, rather than giving you a fish.

The idea came to me as I saw how many game developers struggle with mathematical concepts. It’s not their fault, but rather the abstract and boring way that mathematics is often thaught at both school and university level. If you only have a very vague idea of a certain tool, you might not think of the tool as a solution for your problem.

The result though is that a lot of software, be it games, browsers or graphics layers are slower than they should be. And that some game developers can’t create their vision as they don’t know how.

I hope that for some, this series will be a way to jump-start their interest in understanding rather than mere using mathematics.

While I’m always writing a few chapters ahead, I also revisit older chapters now and then to add content or refine explanations. I usually notify about these changes using Twitter.


Avoiding SQL injections using stored procedures and access privileges

8 Feb

In the previous article I showed that the only way to be sure no one messes with your query is to use prepared statements because the statement is precompiled and not alterable afterwards. For people who don’t like to use prepared statements due to the added complexity, or people who worry about the overhead of prepared statements for one time queries there is another solution: stored procedures.

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