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Optimization tip: reduce the amount of code to execute

21 Jul

Reducing the amount of code to execute is not always the work of the compiler, the person writing the code has to be conscious of how the code will end up in instructions in order to obtain optimized binary code.

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Optimization tip: don’t use sqrt when comparing distances

7 Jul

When comparing distances, whether it be for collision detection in games or drawing circles or discs (like in this recent Geeks3D post) I often see people using sqrt when they are comparing distances. This sqrt is not needed and only wastes CPU or GPU time.

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Memory management in C++ Part 2

29 Jun

While part 1 focussed on avoiding memory leaks, this post will look at memory strategies which optimize speed. While in many cases a normal allocation/reallocation/deallocation scheme works well, there are several instances where this can slow down software considerably. In these cases one of the following strategies can help to improve the performance of your application.

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How not to protect your software

14 Feb

I wrote my first (completed) software package 14 years ago. It was an animation program for creating 2.5D cut-out animation. Once it was ready for distribution, I needed a way to keep users from copying the software. Naively I opted for a simple key registration mechanism which was defeated not long after its release, and a crack was out in no time.