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Shadow mapping for isometric games

14 Dec

General shadow mapping

Shadow mapping is one of the possible methods for rendering the shadows in a 3D scene when using a rasterizer. It uses one extra pass (in the simplest case of one light) to render a shadow map which is used in the color pass to test whether a point falls inside or outside the shadow. The shadow map is basically a depth buffer rendered from the standpoint of the light. This means that it tells us how far the light can reach. If the light can’t see a point because it is obscured (the point’s depth is further than the depth in the map) it lies in the shadow. Continue reading


The cloud might be good for something after all

1 Mar
Another day, another rant about how developers underestimate potential crackers. While I actually wanted to write a review about developing on Mac OS X vs Windows, or the fresh install I did of Windows 8, once again I’m surprised by the naiveness of some developers when it concerns security measures in software.

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How not to protect your software

14 Feb

I wrote my first (completed) software package 14 years ago. It was an animation program for creating 2.5D cut-out animation. Once it was ready for distribution, I needed a way to keep users from copying the software. Naively I opted for a simple key registration mechanism which was defeated not long after its release, and a crack was out in no time.