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The cloud might be good for something after all

1 Mar
Another day, another rant about how developers underestimate potential crackers. While I actually wanted to write a review about developing on Mac OS X vs Windows, or the fresh install I did of Windows 8, once again I’m surprised by the naiveness of some developers when it concerns security measures in software.

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Misconceptions about network security

6 Feb
When looking for a secure Flash protocol for our audio and video call transcoding server we preferred supporting RTMPE (and the tunnelled version RTMPTE) since this was more lightweight than the SSL versions. However users didn’t want to use these protocols, and preferred Adobe’s media protocol over HTTPS and SSL (both called RTMPS, though the latter one is also known as native RTMPS). They read online (even on wikipedia) that the RTMPE version were not secure. It is hard to argue with users when they have already read the “truth” on internet. While there certainly are issues with the protocol when you don’t know what you are doing, it showed that users have a lot of misconceptions about security.